Friday Favorites (3.29.13)


Friday Favorites (3.15.13)


Happy Friday!  Updates on Istanbul soon to come, but for now enjoy these awesome tidbits that have been occupying my brain space lately:

Friday Favorites (2.8.12)



We had our first dusting of snow a few weeks back and I have been wishing for more ever since.  Glad DC won’t be getting slammed with Nemo this weekend, but I wish it would at least leave the area with a thin layer.  Instead we’ve got rain.  To brighten the coming weekend, check out the links below.  I plan on posting about my past weekend in New York, as well as some new recipes soon – stay tuned!

Friday Favorites (11.30.12)


Happy Friday, friends.  It has been a hellish week and I am so glad that I am only 7 hours away from the weekend.  Almost time to relax (and start my Christmas shopping).  Found a few fabulous tid-bits this week.  Hope you enjoy!